eViewer : Technical Information

Imaging Features

Format supported: Supports file formats that include TIFF, PDF, Office Documents, JPEG, MODCA, IOCA, PTOCA, PCX, DCX, CALS, DICOM, DWG, DXF, PNG, BMP, and GIF.

View Controls: Provides functionalities such as Rotate, Zoom (In, Out, Rubber Band), Fit To Presets, Pan, Navigate Pages / Documents, Thumbnails.

Print Controls: Provides options to select the range of pages that you want to print, print document with or without annotations, and print with the comments made by the user using highlighter and strikeout annotations.

Thumbnail: Viewer automatically works with the server to generate thumbnail data quickly, allowing users to navigate through a document without loading the high-resolution pages.


Advance Features

Redaction: Hiding document's sensitive information such as Social Security Numbers, competitive information and even images too.

Cut/Copy/Paste: To move items or copies of items to other locations within a file or to a different file. Using cut, copy, and paste features allows you to organize items within your files quicker and easier. Thus, making cutting, copying, and pasting easy by giving you a few simple steps to get the job done

Drag & Drop Pages: Especially convenient option for copying or moving page of a document a short distance that appears on the screen simultaneously. Just scroll through the document to copy or move page over long distances, such as numerous page.

Watermark: To enhances the appearance of the document by adding an image or text that identifies document contents as confidential information.

Document Compare: Splits document either horizontally or vertically and scroll pages of the document so as to compare two documents simultaneously.

Audio and Video Controls: Provides functionality to play audio and video playbacks within the viewer itself. Provides controls Play, Pause, Replay, Stop, Back 5 sec, Forward 5 sec.



Text Markups Annotations: Use Strikethrough, Highlight & Underline tools to reply directly to individual comments made by different users.

Annotations: Provide annotation tools such as Line, Rectangle, Circle, Arrow, Pen, Highlight, Text, and Stamp to add to the selected part of the document to point out, explain or illustrate an area or item on the document.


View / Edit Document Metadata: Provides metadata information such as document name, user id, timestamp of the document to identify, authenticate and contextualize information and the people, processes and systems that create, maintain and use it. Also allow users to control, manage, find, understand and preserve information over time.

Version Documents: Version document updates for any related changes to document or metadata or annotations using Check Out/In process.
Fully Compatible with IBM Content Manager, SharePoint 2013, IBM FileNet P8 (Workplace or Wprkplace XT), EMC Documentum.


Supported Platforms and Browsers

  • Mobile & Tablet:
    • iOS: Safari, Chrome
    • Android: Chrome and Firefox
  • Desktop:
    • Windows:  IE 10 or higher, Safari 5 or higher, Chrome 21 or higher, Firefox 14 or higher
    • Mac OSX:  Safari 5 or higher, Chrome 21 or higher, and Firefox 14 or higher

    Server Requirements

  • Hardware:
    • Processor: 2GHz or faster
    • Memory: Min 2 GB RAM
    • Available Disk Space: Min 20 GB
  • Software:
    • Windows Server 2008 or higher
    • Application Server: Apache Tomcat 7 or higher; IBM WebSphere 7 or higher; JBoss 6 or higher