eViewer HTML5 is the premier electronic document viewer that enables hundreds of companies and tens of thousands of users securely access and process mission-critical information every day, especially in the legal industry to address industry-specific challenges for viewing, collaborating, processing and transforming legal documents.

Benefits of eViewer HTML5 document viewer for the legal industry:

  • High-speed viewing speed legal research allowing users to view documents and images via eViewer’s unique EnVisionIT™ technology, greatly reducing viewing time requirements which can be significant for large files.
  • Powerful text search enables users to easily search text-based documents and highlight the searched terms for quick and easy viewing access.
    Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can be applied to various non-text-based documents, such as TIFFs and JPEGs, to enable users to be able to search and extract text easily and quickly. eViewer’s OCR is constantly updated to provide greater accuracy when applying the OCR on documents.
  • Smart Redaction™ ensures that confidential information stays confidential, and is also not text searchable to maintain security. Users can use presets to search various confidential data including account numbers, addresses, date of birth, and more, and quickly redact them without needing to tediously read through the documents. Audit trail capabilities are enhanced as the original file is never altered, and a redaction archive is created to ensure compliance with corporate regulations and security standards.
  • Mobile document viewing and annotating, via tablet or Smartphone, gives legal professionals secure access to content anywhere at any time, without compromising document formatting or retrieval speed with the ability to annotate them. eViewer may be user-configured to display multiple documents at the same time, and display a document thumbnail panel to highlight either the pages from one document, or the first page from multiple documents.

Corporate Governance – the Document Lifecycle

Today’s business demands, coupled with ever increasing regulation and compliance requirements on information, mandates that firms handle one of their greatest assets very carefully – their collected volume of information. The document lifecycle is the corporate blueprint for maintaining compliance with growing regulations for business and personal information such as Sarbanes Oxley (corporate compliance), HIPAA and HITECH (healthcare), and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) (data protection and privacy).
eViewer HTML5 document viewer assists law firms throughout the document lifecycle process – helping to address their document management challenges as well as ever more stringent data compliance regulations:

  • Capture: eViewer can enable users to easily scan documents to append or merge to existing documents or create new documents. This is especially helpful if pages from a document were accidently not scanned. Additionally, the eViewer can clean-up scanned documents for better legibility.
  • Deliver: View any document including PDF, MS Office documents, TIFF, and other documents from virtually anywhere on any platform making the eViewer HTML5 a true universal viewing solution.
  • Process: Collaborate and communicate via annotation functionality with rubber stamps, notes, highlighted text, and SideNotes™.
    Archive/Retrieve: Effortless convert documents and images for archiving and view them again from the eViewer HTML5 when necessary.
Processing documents

Whether you need to ensure locate and review critical legal content for an eDiscovery case or convert data for archiving, eViewer HTML5 document viewer is the solution. Contact us now for us to help you with your evaluation of the eViewer.

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