Displaying CAD drawings such as DWG, DXF, and others, efficiently on the web requires a special set of rendering algorithms that eViewer has been able to achieve. eViewer can display CAD drawings across multiple devices including tablets.

Key Reasons Why Engineering Agencies Use eViewer In Their Systems:

  • Gain immediate access to all content — Display any number of formats withing eViewer without the need for creator applications such as Adobe Acrobat or MS Office.
  • eViewer can open virtually any file format via any web browser without needing other applications or conversion of the file including MS Office, IBM MODCA, CAD, DICOM, and more.
  • Save time and increase productivity and ROI by displaying large documents in seconds — Our Envisionit™ viewing technology enables users to open and display any document type within seconds, even streamed to a mobile device.
  • Annotate CAD documents including taking real-time measurements on the drawing.
  • eViewer can be integrated into almost every government document system. eViewer has a vast number of REST APIs to enable system integrators to integrated eViewer into any number of workflow applications and ECMS including IBM, Pegasystems, SharePoint, Saleforce, OpenText Documentum, and many others including proprietary government systems.

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