Advanced Document Rendering, Editing and Collaboration Solution for IBM Content Manager 8

Incorporate powerful document rendering, collaborating, and manipulating capabilities in IBM® Content Manager 8 without adding complete server-side dependencies.


Integrate Best-in-Class PDF, MS Office, MO:DCA and TIFF image Capabilities into Content Manager 8

Instead of forcing users to open external applications to edit and comment on documents, eViewer offers a complete document experience native to Content Manager 8. It seamlessly integrates within existing CM8 systems, empowering Developers, Consultants, Architects, and Administrators alike to rapidly assemble professional document viewing solutions tailored to unique business requirements.

Increase Productivity

By integrating eViewer with IBM CM8, you enable your users to render and comment on large, multi-page documents 7x faster than IBM Daeja HTML5, regardless of type without high server utilization or network bandwidths.

100% Compatible with Content Manager 8

View all document types, annotations, and overlays present in your Content Manager 8 repository. All the same great features from eClient Applet Viewer and pClient are available in eViewer.

Work from Anywhere

eViewer 7 is able to adjust to the challenges of remote working, and provide your workforce with high availability of content to be able to continue to perform with high productivity regardless of device.

The Most Comprehensive Document Viewing Solution for IBM® Content Manager 8

universal eviewer


Add built-in, professional viewing of PDF, DOCX, PPTX, MO:DCA,TIFF image files and more. Enable users to zoom, rotate, search for and copy text, and more from any device. View multiple documents in the same viewer.

universal eviewer

Page Manipulation

Insert, remove or rearrange pages. Assemble, merge, or split documents directly in the browser.

universal eviewer


Display all CM8 annotation natively without conversion or burning them to the document. Empower collaboration with features to mark up and comments to documents more than the out-of-the-box annotations available from CM8.

universal eviewer

Smart Redaction

Search for and permanently remove sensitive information from documents such as personally identifiable information or protected health information while keeping documents searchable.

universal eviewer

Document Comparison

Review two document versions side-by-side and highlight the differences between the two, reducing the likelihood of changes being missed.

Easy Integration

Developers are able provide viewing capabilities to non-IBM solutions, providing greater flexibility to your organization.

Data Security

Keep all forms of digital content secure with no file transmission to external sources.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive UI enables rapid user adoption and improved productivity for document processing and workflow completion.

Fully Customizable

Meet unique business needs via the Angular Typescript APIs, giving complete control over functionality, behavior and appearance.

High-Fidelity Rendering

MST’s proprietary rendering engine displays documents accurately and fast, ensuring a smooth user experience, even with large and complex page content.

Support for 50+ File Formats

Support for PDF, Microsoft Office, TIFF, MO:DCA, audio, video and many more

With You Every Step of the Way

Get support from the makers of the number-one-ranked commercial HTML5 viewer, with comprehensive documentation and examples, and direct access to the engineers who built our technology from the ground up.

As a trusted IBM Business partner, MS Technology is committed to bringing best-in-class document experiences to all IBM CM8 users for over 20 years.

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